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Quick Assemble Three Floors Flat Pack Container Hotel

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What are the advantages of using flat pack container to build hotel

Shipping containers are used to safely transport goods and cargo around the world. It is a very strong and durable structural space. Flat pack container is evolved from shipping container.

The cuboid structure of the flat pack container gives the designer a variety of choices in the space design, and can have numerous combinations and changes. Therefore, its appearance has always attracted many architects to explore new possibilities and constantly put forward new innovative possibilities. The flat pack container is easy to transport and can adapt to any environment. It can be successfully combined into various types of space, such as Hotels, hostels, homestays, etc.


It is well known that the flat pack container Hotel has brought great help to our lives. It can be said that more novelty has been added to the construction industry. The flat pack container Hotel has developed very smoothly in the construction industry and has been favored by people. Now many hotels will create their own unique flat pack container hotel. So what advantages does this kind of flat pack container hotel have for people to pursue?

First, the material is durable and not easy to deform

The flat pack container used by the hotel is made of steel, which has stronger resistance to some natural disasters and will not deform. The designer can design a unique house according to his own ideas, which can attract tourists to live in.


Second, it has strict manufacturing technology

The traditional building may appear wading phenomenon after a long time of use, but the house made of flat pack container has strict manufacturing technology, which will make this kind of movable house appear better sealing performance, and there will be no water leakage in rainy season.


Third, the frequency of use is high

The flat pack container hotel uses steel as the chassis, and then derives a variety of combinations of spaces according to the design concept of each hotel, no matter which size can be customized, it can meet the needs of each user, and create an overall flat pack container hotel structure for processing will make the service life longer.

Fourth, economic and environmental protection

The use of high-quality flat pack containeres can not only shorten the entire construction period but also save more costs. Finally, if you do not use it, you can also disassemble and recycle, which has greater significance for the environmental protection we pursue.

Gaoya has its own production base and a professional team for construction. We are mainly committed to the development and construction of new steel structure buildings and the promotion and application of new building materials. The company team adopts the latest domestic and foreign construction concepts, in accordance with the national steel structure design and construction standards and uses new wall materials to create the latest building houses for customers, and provide the most complete technology and construction solutions; committed to China's green environmental protection Housing construction, to create the latest and most comfortable energy-saving and environmentally-friendly housing.

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