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Sedert die stigting,Gaoya adhering to the "quality to create value, goeie trou aan die grondslag te lê,ywer om sukses te wen, innovasie te soek ontwikkeling" maatskappy se filosofie, adhere to the "social development as its mission,centennial enterprise people-oriented"purpose,met die eerste klas ontwerp, gevorderde vervaardigingstegnologie, professionele span, streng kwaliteitstelsel om Gaoya groter en sterker te maak.

Our highly professional team will spare no effort to provide you with the best service in every respect.

Gaoya design team will provide you with:
– Architecture design:  Fully consider customers’ request,environment conditions,make sure our designs are based on the quality and safety as the most important factors.
– Manufacture  ontwerp:  Once architecture and structural steel drawings are verified,and before producing,each components detailed information will be showed on the shop drawings,including material,grootte,quantity and so on.
– Installation design:   Before the goods arrived at the project site,installation drawings will be given for erection.