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What are the characteristics and installation of steel structure?

What is steel structure? Simply said to be a steel-based structure, called steel structure, steel structure is one of the main building structure types, widely used, then its basic theoretical knowledge, we all understand? I'm afraid not everyone knows it, so it is necessary to introduce these knowledge, so that more people know and understand, so as to be popularized.
1. Application of steel structure
Steel structure is mainly used in factory buildings, power plants, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, landscaping, shell, stair steps, Bridges and warehouses and other large or high-rise buildings.
2. Characteristics of steel structure
The characteristics of general steel structure are:
(1) is an ideal elastomer, good material properties, and in line with engineering mechanics;
(2) Plasticity and toughness are relatively good, so there is no fear of deformation, and can withstand a certain dynamic load;
(3) Short construction period and high degree of industrialization, so mechanized operation can be realized;
(4) High processing precision, good tightness, can be used to manufacture gas tanks, oil tanks and transformers, etc., for large-span structures, can also adapt.
3. Steel structure installation quality control:
(1) Before installing the steel structure, the components should be inspected and recorded, mainly to see whether there is a product certificate and design documents, and the size of the components should be rechecked. If the steel structure is deformed, or has defects, and exceeds the allowed range, it can be treated and checked before it can be used.
(2) A detailed measurement and correction process should be prepared, after the thick steel plate is welded, the process test should be carried out before installation in order to view the structure of the product, and the construction process should be prepared in order to standardize the construction.
(3) After the lifting position of the steel structure, each control point should be measured, and the corresponding mark should be made, and the quality of the welded joint should be checked.
(4) When the steel structure is installed, the size, welding and painting of each component shall be submitted and accepted by the relevant departments.