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Nantong Gaoya Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
Nantong Gaoya Steel Structure Co., Ltd. founded in 2004, is a professional China Steel Plates manufacturer and Steel Plates company,And it's always dedicating to providing quality products and efficient services for customers from all over the world.
Since the establishment, Gaoya adhering to the "quality to create value, good faith to lay the foundation,diligence to win success, innovation to seek development" business philosophy, adhere to the "social development as its mission, centennial enterprise people-oriented" purpose, with the sophisticated manufacturing technology, professional team, strict quality system to make Gaoya bigger and stronger.
It's continuously rated as AAA bank credit enterprise and it's also the member of China Engineering Construction Supervision & Management Association. What's more, it has been awarded ISO 9001 and OHSAS18001 certificate. Up to now, it's equipped with multiple advanced light & heavy production lines. It can provide complete materials with steel frame, steel sheet, sandwich panels for walls and roof, doors, windows and other related construction materials.
We specialize in custom Steel Plates export sales, Not only in the domestic market, its products have been exported to Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Guyana, America, Mexico, Jamaica, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Oman, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Angola and so on. If you are looking for a reliable steel structure manufacturer and material supplier for your project, pls contact us.
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Steel Plates Industry knowledge
How do the strength and hardness of Steel Plates allow it to remain stable when subjected to heavy pressure and impact?

Steel Plates, as a widely used metal material, its strength and hardness are the keys to its stability in various harsh environments. When faced with heavy pressure and impact, Steel Plates shows amazing stability, and behind this, it is its unique physical properties and manufacturing process that play a role.
First, let's explore the strength of Steel Plates. Strength refers to the ability of a material to resist damage when subjected to external forces. For Steel Plates, its strength mainly comes from its internal microstructure. During the manufacturing process, the steel plate undergoes multiple rolling and heat treatments, so that its internal grain structure is optimized, the grain boundaries are clear, and internal defects and impurities are reduced. This optimized structure allows Steel Plates to more effectively disperse and resist stress when subjected to external forces, making it less likely to break or deform.
Secondly, let’s talk about the hardness of Steel Plates. Hardness refers to the ability of a material to resist the intrusion of localized pressure. Steel Plates' hardness comes primarily from their high content of carbon and other alloying elements. During the smelting and processing processes, these elements form a strong solid solution or compound with the iron matrix, which enhances the hardness of the material. At the same time, after appropriate heat treatment, such as quenching and tempering, the hardness of Steel Plates can be further adjusted and optimized so that it can maintain good toughness while meeting usage requirements.
When Steel Plates faces heavy pressure and impact, its strength and hardness work together to ensure its stability in harsh environments. Under heavy pressure, the high strength of Steel Plates can effectively resist deformation and damage, maintaining structural integrity. Under impact, its high hardness can resist the intrusion of external forces and reduce damage and deformation. This stability and reliability make Steel Plates widely used in bridges, buildings, ships, vehicles and other fields.
In addition, it is worth noting that the stable performance of Steel Plates is also closely related to its manufacturing process, material composition, heat treatment process and other factors. Therefore, when selecting and using Steel Plates, it is necessary to select appropriate materials and processes according to the specific use environment and requirements to ensure that its performance is fully utilized.
To sum up, the strength and hardness of Steel Plates are the key to its stability. When withstanding heavy pressure and impact, its unique physical properties and manufacturing process work together to ensure its stability and reliability in various environments. This makes Steel Plates an indispensable and important material in many fields