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Nantong Gaoya Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
Nantong Gaoya Steel Structure Co., Ltd. founded in 2004, is a professional China Steel Tower manufacturer and Steel Tower company,And it's always dedicating to providing quality products and efficient services for customers from all over the world.
Since the establishment, Gaoya adhering to the "quality to create value, good faith to lay the foundation,diligence to win success, innovation to seek development" business philosophy, adhere to the "social development as its mission, centennial enterprise people-oriented" purpose, with the sophisticated manufacturing technology, professional team, strict quality system to make Gaoya bigger and stronger.
It's continuously rated as AAA bank credit enterprise and it's also the member of China Engineering Construction Supervision & Management Association. What's more, it has been awarded ISO 9001 and OHSAS18001 certificate. Up to now, it's equipped with multiple advanced light & heavy production lines. It can provide complete materials with steel frame, steel sheet, sandwich panels for walls and roof, doors, windows and other related construction materials.
We specialize in custom Steel Tower export sales, Not only in the domestic market, its products have been exported to Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Guyana, America, Mexico, Jamaica, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Oman, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Angola and so on. If you are looking for a reliable steel structure manufacturer and material supplier for your project, pls contact us.
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Steel Tower Industry knowledge
What are the common methods for anti-rust treatment of Steel Tower and what are their principles?

Common methods for anti-rust treatment of Steel Tower mainly include the following:
Coating protection method:
Principle: By coating one or more layers of anti-rust paint on the surface of Steel Tower, a protective film is formed to isolate the steel tower from corrosive factors in the external environment. This protective film can effectively prevent moisture, oxygen and other corrosive media from contacting the surface of the steel tower, thereby slowing down or preventing the occurrence of rust.
Common coatings: including polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic and other anti-corrosion coatings, these coatings usually have excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance and adhesion.
Metal covering method:
Principle: Using the principle of electrochemistry, the surface of Steel Tower is covered with a layer of metal (such as zinc) that is more active than steel to form a galvanic cell effect. In this way, when the external environment causes corrosion, this layer of active metal will be corroded first, thus protecting the steel tower itself from corrosion.
Common methods: hot dip galvanizing, electroplating, etc. Hot-dip galvanizing is to immerse the steel tower in molten zinc liquid to attach a layer of zinc to the surface of the steel tower; electroplating is to deposit a layer of metal on the surface of the steel tower through electrolysis.
Phosphating treatment:
Principle: The Steel Tower is immersed in a phosphate solution, and a dense phosphate film is formed on the surface of the steel tower through a chemical reaction. This film has good corrosion resistance and adhesion, and can effectively protect the steel tower from corrosion.
Electrochemical protection:
Principle: The potential of the Steel Tower is changed by applying an external current, so that it is in a state that is not easily corroded. This includes both anodic and cathodic protection methods. Anodic protection applies an anodic current to the steel tower to form a passivation film on its surface; cathodic protection applies a cathodic current to the steel tower to make its surface become a cathode, thereby preventing corrosion.
Each anti-rust treatment method has its own unique principles and application scenarios, and the appropriate method needs to be selected based on the specific use environment and requirements of Steel Tower. At the same time, regular inspection and maintenance are also key to ensuring long-lasting anti-rust effects.