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As time goes by, what maintenance is required for steel columns and beams?

As essential components of building structures, steel columns and beams require maintenance over time to ensure their long-term safety and reliability.
Corrosion Protection: Steel columns and beams are susceptible to oxidation and corrosion when exposed to the air. Therefore, regular corrosion protection is essential. This includes repairing and replacing coatings, as well as recoating with anti-corrosive paint to prevent rusting of the steel surface.
Inspection and Damage Repair: Regularly inspect the surfaces and connection points of steel columns and beams. Any damage, cracks, or deformities should be promptly repaired and reinforced to prevent further damage and safety hazards.
Cleaning and Rust Removal: Regularly clean the surfaces of steel columns and beams to remove dirt and dust, maintaining their appearance and facilitating the early detection of potential corrosion issues. If rust is detected, timely rust removal should be conducted to restore the surface quality of the steel.
Structural Assessment: Regularly assess and inspect the structural integrity of steel columns and beams to ensure their safety and stability. This includes inspecting connection points, welds, and support structures, as well as reassessing structural loads to ensure they still meet design requirements.
Lubrication and Adjustment: If steel columns and beams are adjustable, regular lubrication and adjustment are necessary to ensure their proper operation and stability. This includes lubricating movable connection points and mechanical structures, as well as adjusting supports and structural positions.
Monitoring and Documentation: Monitor and document the maintenance work performed on steel columns and beams, including maintenance dates, activities, and personnel involved. This allows for timely understanding of the maintenance status of structures and provides references for future maintenance work.
Over time, steel columns and beams require a series of maintenance tasks to ensure their long-term safety and reliability. These maintenance tasks include corrosion protection, inspection and damage repair, cleaning and rust removal, structural assessment, lubrication and adjustment, as well as monitoring and documentation. Regular maintenance work can extend the service life of steel columns and beams, enhancing the safety and stability of building structures.