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How to optimize the structural design of Rockwool Sandwich Panel to improve its fire resistance?

Optimizing the structural design of Rockwool Sandwich Panel to improve its fire resistance is a complex and critical task. Here are some recommended actions:
Enhance the fire resistance of rock wool core:
Choose high-quality rock wool material to ensure it has excellent fire resistance and thermal stability.
Increase the thickness of the rock wool core to provide better insulation and longer fire resistance.
Optimize panel materials:
The panel material should be selected with good fire resistance, such as galvanized steel plate or other non-combustible metal materials.
Consider adding fire retardant agents or applying fire retardant coatings to the panel material to further increase its fire resistance limit.
Enhanced edge sealing design:
Design a more effective edge sealing structure to prevent flames or high-temperature gases from penetrating through gaps.
Use high-temperature-resistant sealing materials and sealing technology to ensure that the sandwich panel maintains its integrity during a fire.
Set up fire isolation belt:
In the continuous installation of sandwich panels, a fireproof isolation belt of a certain width is set to prevent the lateral spread of flames.
Fire isolation belts can be made of non-combustible materials or materials with excellent fire resistance.
Install fire protection components:
Install fireproof components, such as fireproof corner codes, fireproof strips, etc., at key locations such as the joints and corners of the sandwich panels to enhance the overall fireproof performance.
Enhance ventilation design:
Set up reasonable ventilation holes or ventilation channels inside the sandwich panel to reduce internal heat accumulation and reduce the risk of fire.
Improve construction technology:
Develop strict construction technology and installation specifications to ensure the installation quality of sandwich panels.
During construction, avoid damaging the fireproof structure or materials of the sandwich panel.
Strengthen later maintenance:
Regularly inspect and maintain sandwich panels to detect and deal with potential fire hazards in a timely manner.
Replace or repair damaged or aging sandwich panels in a timely manner.
In summary, by enhancing the fire resistance of rock wool sandwich cores, optimizing panel materials, strengthening edge sealing design, setting up fire isolation belts, installing fire prevention components, strengthening ventilation design, improving construction techniques, and strengthening post-maintenance measures, we can effectively Improve the fire resistance of Rockwool Sandwich Panel. These measures need to be comprehensively considered and optimized based on specific application scenarios and needs.