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What is steel structure?

Steel structure is the steel plate, round steel, steel pipe, steel cable and various types of steel processing, connection, installation of the engineering structure. Steel structures need to withstand the effects of various possible natural and man-made environments, and are engineering structures and structures with sufficient reliability and good social and economic benefits.
Because steel can be recycled, smelted and reused, the steel structure is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and recyclable building structure, which meets the requirements of sustainable and healthy economic development.
The use of steel structure
Steel structure is widely used in high-rise buildings, large factory buildings, long-span space structures, light steel structures and residential buildings.
In highway and railway Bridges, thermal power plant and boiler steel frame, transmission and transformation tower, radio and television communication tower, offshore oil platform, nuclear power plant, wind power generation, water conservancy construction, underground foundation steel sheet pile and so on.
Urban construction requires a large number of steel structures, such as subways, urban light railways, overpasses, environmental protection buildings, public facilities, temporary buildings and so on.
In addition, steel structure is also widely used in supermarket shelves, scaffolding, square pieces, sculptures and temporary exhibition halls and other small light structures.